Research and Development

Research and Development has always played an essential role at Mid America Metals.  For over 20 years we’ve been on the cutting edge of technology and have been able stay one step ahead of the industry. The secret, our Research and Development Center based in Kansas City, Missouri and headed up by our Director of Safety/R&D Greg Bringaze.  No one knows refinishing and Mid America Metals better than Greg who has been with us for over 23 years.  Greg is able to apply his tremendous knowledge to develop innovative and efficient techniques to improve our refinishing processes.  We also work directly with chemical manufactures to test new and safer coatings and strippers by testing them on our inventory of sample elevator doors, stone floors and wood surfaces in our expansive shop.  Products and techniques that pass the testing at the R&D Center are then sent out to several of our offices to be tried in the field by our crews.  Evaluation forms are then filled out by the Operations team and sent back to the R&D Center for analysis which is then followed by a once a month meeting with our “Green Team”.  It’s only after this extensive testing that the new product or process is implemented companywide. 

For the past 2 years the major focus of our research and development has been to be LEED compliant in all that we do.  Through this research we have been able to change some of our processes and the products we use to be more environmental friendly for the buildings we work in and for our planet.  The R&D Center and our “Green Team” has worked tirelessly in this area making sure they uncover every possibility in helping us develop products and processes that make our service better, healthier and safer for all of us.

We are excited about the innovative products and ideas currently being developed inside our Research and Development Center and look forward to using them in your building soon!
Mid America Metals Research and Development Center

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