Safety is always our first priority at Mid America Metals Safety is always our first priority at Mid America Metals.  For over 25 years our goal has been zero accidents and injuries.  We believe that our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.  In fact our crews must go through an extensive safety checklist every day before any work can be performed.  Talking about being safe is one thing, but actually backing it up by doing rigorous safety training is another.  All of our refinishers go through comprehensive safety training as a new hire and then continually throughout their employment.  Training classes are taught on subjects like confined spaces, respirators, safe chemical handling, personal protective equipment, ladder safety, fall protection and even safe driving.  Our supervisors reinforce this training regularly when inspecting the crews working on the job site and in monthly meetings.  We feel safety is serious business and that’s why we have developed clear cut safety policies and procedures for our crews.  Our safety programs emphasize personal responsibility for working safely and we encourage our employees to watch out for each other and others at the jobsite.  Employees are held accountable and monitored very closely to make sure they are following the safety policies and procedures to the letter because when it comes to safety there’s no room for error.

Safety is just part of the culture at Mid America Metals and it’s practiced daily from our offices to the jobsites, not because we have to but because we want all of our employees to return home safely to their families every night.


Safety School Highlights

Leading our commitment to safety is our Senior Safety & Training Specialist Greg Bringaze. He has been with Mid America Metals over 23 years and has held several positions in the company from an apprentice refinisher to the Operations Manager in Kansas City. Greg keeps safety at the forefront of each employees mind by leading OSHA safety training, conducting safety audits, accident investigation, researching better/safer refinishing techniques and much more. Teaming up with our Senior Safety & Training Specialist, Greg is now starring in our own company safety training videos. Check out the video above to see an example of our safety videos.

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