About Our Company

Corporate Overview

The Mid America Metals story began 25 years ago with the Donat brother’s dream of building an architectural restoration company based on the values taught to them by their parents. Values such as integrity, quality, commitment and hard work were instilled in all of the Donat children as they grew up watching their parents run a successful real estate business in Chicago. As the Donats moved away and began their various careers one thing remained constant, their desire to be the best and give 100% at whatever they did. It was this trait that led Dale, Dean and Don to start their own business, and on July 1st 1985 Mid America Metals was born in the small town of Forsyth, MO. The first year was full of sleepless nights and a lot of hard work as they worked to get new customers during the day and scrubbed metal at night. Their sister Donna helped with the books and Dale’s wife Mary wrote the contracts from their home.

In September 1985, they hired their other sister Dodi and her husband Donny, and opened up the Dallas office, which was housed in the spare bedroom and garage of brother Don’s house. In 1987 brother Don decided to leave the business and pursue a new career in Seattle.

By 1992 the company was booming having surpassed over 2 million dollars in sales, opened offices in St. Louis, Atlanta and Kansas City, promoted Donna to the position of President and completed jobs all over the United States from Disneyworld in Florida to hotels in Hawaii. Mid America Metals was at the top of their game but they wanted to continue to improve so the company hired the best safety and business consultants they could find and not only became better but the leaders in the industry. By the mid 1990’s they were once again raising the bar and entered into refinishing stone and wood.

In 2005, as the company celebrated its 20th anniversary, sales were at an all time high. A GPS tracking system was installed in all of the vans nationwide and offices were open in eight cities.

2010 was full of milestones as Mid America Metals celebrated its 25th anniversary in July and the company ended the year by breaking their all time sales record. The biggest news of the year though was the retirement of Dean Donat after 25 years of co-owning the company. On January 5th, 2011- Dale became the sole owner and continues to lead the company with the same vision and values the brothers started with over 25 years ago. While many of the Donats now work for the company, it’s all of the Mid America Metals employees around the country that truly make it a family business. As the company continues to grow, opening in new cities, it still hasn’t forgotten what made them successful all those years ago; integrity, quality, commitment and hard work.

Download our corporate brochure >Mid America Metals Mission StatementWe provide competitively priced, timely refinishing services of Metal, Stone and Wood to customers in major markets. Our well trained sales, operations and administrative employees work to provide expertise to help our customers make well informed decisions and to maintain long-term relationships.We are a family owned company and feel passionately about our business. We aim to create a professional, positive, fun work environment with an emphasis on personal and financial growth. We will continue to be the industry leader in safety, training and innovative business practices. We will strive to have a completely satisfied customer at the end of every job.


The philosophy of Mid America Metals is to be the best metal, wood and stone refinishing company.