Charlotte, NC

Metal, Stone & Wood Restoration in Charlotte, NC

Metal, Stone and Wood Restoration in Charlotte, NC

Our North Carolina location is based around the most historic buildings and houses in Charlotte. With that being said, our employees are trained on the must successful refinishing techniques in order to bring out the original beauty in all metal, wood, and stone surfaces. You can find us near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport while just outside Ashley Park and Westerly Hills.


Metal Restoration

Our crews are able to maintain the upkeep and finish on all of your metal surfaces to give you the best results possible. Discover more about our metal restoration processes.

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Stone Restoration

We seal and coat marble, limestone, onyx, terrazzo, and other stone surfaces for an affordable price. Give your stone the finish it needs to look new from the help of our talented crew. Discover more about our stone restoration processes.

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Wood Restoration

Up-to-date on the most advanced woodworking techniques, our specialists are the ones to accurately care for your mahogany, hickory, oak, and more. Discover more about our wood restoration processes.

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