Cincinnati Union Terminal Reopening Features Historic Metal Restoration by Mid America Metals


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October 31st, 2018


Cincinnati Union Terminal Reopening Features Historic Metal Restoration by Mid America Metals

The Cincinnati Museum Center recently celebrated its grand reopening with an entire week of homecoming events.

After more than 2 ½ years and 900,000 hours of renovations to the city’s historic Union Terminal, visitors from near and far came to see the renovated terminal. Even Bill Nye the Science Guy dropped in for a personal tour of the museum’s brand new Dinosaur Hall with Dr. Glenn Storrs, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Events included a Veterans Day ceremony November 11, member preview on November 16 and grand public opening on November 17.

Metal Refinishing Expertise Honors Original Aesthetic Design

Turner Construction Company selected Mid America Metals to clean and refinish the terminal’s metal assets, thanks to the latter’s extensive resume of historic metal cleaning expertise, operational capabilities and project management experience.

Our goal was to remove years of dirt, soot and other contaminants while staying true to the original aesthetic design,” says Mid America Metals CEO Dale Donat. “This work was completed with a combination of high-tech cleaning and good old fashioned elbow grease.

Each step of the process was meticulously planned and documented according to the recommendations of John G. Waite Associates Architects, whose work includes such iconic structures the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial.

Metal restoration work at the Terminal included cleaning and refinishing aluminum railings, signage and marquees, storefronts, display cases and decorative grilles throughout the terminal. Restoration experts removed surface contaminants with mild abrasives and pH-neutral synthetic detergents.

According to the Museum’s Media Relations Manager Cody Hefner, the project’s overall goal was to address over 80 years of damage and included work by a number of firms on the terminal’s exterior masonry, windows, rooftops, fountain and plaza.

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