Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

At Mid America Metals, we know commercial real estate is a highly competitive market. In order to attract and retain tenants, property managers must keep up the building’s interior and exterior appearance. After all, building appearance is one of the leading factors in tenant satisfaction.

As a facility maintenance company, Mid America Metals will help restore and protect your building assets to improve their appearance and enhance the value of the entire property. We will work with your in-house janitorial team to ensure recommended building maintenance procedures are followed.

We understand the budgeting process for operating and capital expenditures. This allows us to work with asset managers and property managers to build a custom maintenance plan to fit any budget. We can also assist with finish changes or restorations as a component in tenant improvements or build-outs.

At Mid America Metals, our core property maintenance services are:

  • Stone restoration: Keep marble, granite or terrazzo floors shining with regular maintenance plans
  • Metal restoration: Keep your elevators, escalators, building entrances, handrails looking their best and scratch-free
  • Wood restoration: Touch up scratches or completely change the look of your wood accents

When thinking about your annual budgeting process, consider Mid America Metals for your facility maintenance company.