Hospitality Renovation Services

At Mid America Metals, we understand the importance of keeping your hotel, resort, and casino buildings looking their best at all times. Beautifully maintained buildings create a sense of value and help ensure guest satisfaction. This is why we focus on hospitality restoration services and maintenance programs, including hotel restoration, casino restoration, and resort restoration.

We work with hospitality and hotel restoration companies that are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We have the skills and experience necessary to restore your high-end finishes such as natural stone lobby floors and rich wood accents. Our skilled team can also clean and polish your metal elevators, escalators, entrances, handrails, and architectural features.

Whether it’s part of a one-time renovation project or an ongoing maintenance plan, Mid America Metals is your go-to hotel maintenance and restoration company. We specialize in metal, stone, and wood refinishing.

We can provide the following hospitality renovation services:

  • Hone and polish marble, terrazzo, travertine, granite, and more
  • Remove vandalism, scratches, and other unwanted marks
  • Care for your bronze, brass, and stainless steel surfaces
  • Restore anodized aluminum window frames
  • Restore high-end stone and wood finishes
  • Buff and polish metal handrails and other features

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If your casino, resort, or hotel is in need of any of our hospitality restoration services, contact Mid America Metals.