Medical Building Restoration

Our metal, stone and wood restoration experts at Mid America Metals understand that for healthcare facilities, patient care and comfort are of utmost importance. We’re here to ensure your facilities always look their best. We provide metal, stone and wood refinishing to both the interior and exterior of your medical building.

Mid America Metals has been providing interior and exterior building restoration services since 1985. We specialize in metal, stone and wood refinishing.

We provide the following building restoration services to hospitals, medical office buildings, nursing facilities, and more.

Metal Maintenance

  • Full restoration on metal surfaces, including removal of scratches and vandalism from elevators
  • Refinish handrails, bathroom partitions, statues, plaques/signage
  • Restore and paint building entrances

Stone Maintenance

  • Hone and polish terrazzo, marble, and granite
  • Apply slip-resistant coatings

Wood Maintenance

  • Touch up scratches
  • Refinish furniture and doors
  • Refinishing wood paneling

Exterior Services

  • Restore and paint exterior aluminum window frames
  • Clean building facade
  • Polish glass to remove hard water stains and streaking


In addition to having a clean and updated look, it’s important to make patient and visitor safety a priority. With an EMR rating of .82, we have an excellent record of safety on the job. Our 3M Stone Floor Protection System provides a slip-resistant finish to terrazzo, marble, concrete and other stone floor surfaces.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

If for any reason your expectations are not met, we will work on the job until you are 100% satisfied, issue a credit for the work, or give you your money back. Mid America Metals treats each refinishing/restoration project as an opportunity to develop lasting relationships with our clients. This approach has allowed us to serve many of the same customers for over 30 years.


Mid America Metals is committed to training and continuing education for our employees. We have developed an extensive Apprenticeship Program with certified trainers and testing requirements to achieve Foreman and Master Foreman status.