Stone Restoration Service

Stone Restoration Service


There is probably no other architectural surface as impressive as stone.  It brings a sense of class, strength and beauty to any building… that is as long as it’s properly maintained.

Two of the major benefits of stone are its ability to reflect light and its durability, especially when it’s used on floors, walls and countertops.

Mid America Metals provides stone restoration services so that you can continue to enjoy these benefits, while eliminating some of the problems that can appear over time.

  • That luster can wear off and that brand new look can become dull, worn, scratched, stained or dirty.
  • Traffic patterns can become visible on all stone surfaces like terrazzo, granite, marble, travertine and any stone with a sealer on it.
  • Continuous traffic can even actually wear down the surface of the stone.
  • Cracks can materialize if the stone is in an unstable environment.
  • Stone floors can develop scratches from the grit carried on your shoes acting like sandpaper and water marks can appear from liquids containing acids which will greatly reduce the reflectivity of the surface.
  • Stone floors can even develop lippage and become unlevel where two stones meet causing a trip hazard.

It’s enough to keep any building manager or chief engineer up at night!

Luckily for you our highly skilled stone crews see these kinds of problems and many more, every day. We’ll bring back the beauty and safety of your stone surfaces — on time and on budget!

We have some of the most experienced stone people in the industry, which is a good thing because stone is something that can be ruined very quickly by an inexperienced technician and can end up costing you much more to repair.

If you need stone restoration service for your building, contact us and one of our Account Representatives will reach out to you.