Mid America Metals: LEED Compliant

Mid America Metals has always been committed to sustainability. Our primary focus is providing our clients with the best possible restoration results while utilizing cutting-edge, eco-friendly products and practices. We are also committed to LEED compliance and have helped a number of commercial property owners update their facades and interiors to meet LEED certification guidelines. To start your green restoration project, contact Mid America Metals today! 

Our Green Products 

At Mid America Metals, we are proud to utilize LEED compliant, low VOC products, and sustainable materials where possible. We are always investing in new or improved environmentally friendly products. We also employ LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED APs) who help lead our technicians in our effort to stay educated on green products and practices. If a product is on the market that has been Green Seal Certified (the committee that determines which products are “green” and provides them with their seal of approval), we will invest in them and will use them to complete our restoration projects. We have also decided to implement recycling company-wide. 

We Help Customers Achieve & Maintain LEED Compliance 

If you want to work toward becoming a green business or green company by attaining a LEED certification for your commercial building, you must select a restoration company that uses only environmentally friendly products and processes during the refinishing process. The products we use meet that criteria, as do the restorative methods and techniques we use. If your building is already LEED compliant, our restoration services ensure that your commercial property continues to meet certification standards. We have completed countless LEED-certified projects, and we want to make your commercial property our next project!   

Ready To Begin Your Eco-Restoration? 

When you choose to restore your facade or interior using the expertise of Mid America Metals technicians, you can be sure that you are making an intelligent decision that ensures quality and is environmentally conscious. No matter if we are refinishing a surface within your building, or if you are updating sections of your building to meet LEED compliance, we ensure that the majority of products we are using meet LEED, VOC and Green Seal certification standards. 

Mid America Metals makes going green simple. Contact us today and speak with a helpful account representative who can help you determine what combination of eco-friendly and sustainable restoration services are best for your commercial property!