Green Certified


At Mid America Metals going ‘Green’ is more than just a catchphrase, it’s a priority. We believe we have an obligation to reduce our impact on the environment and conserve our natural resources for future generations. Being an eco friendly business is not a one day job, it’s a complete change in our company culture. 

With a focus on LEED compliance and green products, we’ve created specialized teams focusing on product and technique research. This commitment to our services ensures that your LEED certified building will remain LEED certified. If your building is not LEED certified, you will still benefit from a healthier, eco friendly restoration service.

We work hard every day to be socially and environmentally responsible because we value your business, our employees, the environment, and our future generations.

Below are just a few of the things we are currently doing.

  • GreenProudly using LEED compliant and low VOC products
  • Committed to finding new or improved products that meet LEED and VOC limits
  • Using advanced techniques green processes
  • Promote green processes on jobsites, in offices and at home
  • Certified LEED AP on staff
  • On-going environmental friendly education
  • Company recycling
Green vs. LEED Compliant

If your building is LEED certified or if you’re in the process of achieving certification you likely already know, you must use environmentally friendly products and processes when refinishing the metal, stone or wood in your building. Many of these products are tested and endorsed by a non-profit agency called Green Seal, however some product manufacturers choose not to get their product Green Seal certified, because of the cost involved. They are still however, eco-friendly and are able to be used in LEED certified buildings. Here are some fast facts about our LEED compliance.

  • LEED compliant/low VOC/sustainable products are the majority of our supply usage. Mid America Metals always uses LEED compliant products if they are available on the market.
  • Our products do not generally fall under the Green Seal certification standards but this does not imply they are not LEED compliant or eco-friendly. Green Seal may never develop standards for many of the products used by our industry.

Now with some important basic LEED certification knowledge, and a better understanding of our commitment to providing your building with the best care and results, call our restoration experts to get started restoring your building.