Safety is always our first priority at Mid America Metals
Safety is our first priority at Mid America Metals.  For more than 30 years we’ve built our company with our employees and our customers best interests in mind. That is why our goal has been, and will remain, zero accidents or injuries. As a safety first organization we believe our work is never so urgent that we cannot take the time to work safely. We have partnered with a national insurance provider that specializes in construction and building services to ensure external safety oversight.

We also invest in our employees’ safety. Each day before any work can be performed, all team members must go through an extensive safety checklist. All refinishers go through comprehensive safety training upon hire, and continually throughout their employment.  Training classes are taught on subjects such as, confined spaces, respirators, safe chemical handling, personal protective equipment, ladder safety, fall protection and even safe driving.  Our supervisors reinforce this training regularly when inspecting the teams working on the job site and in monthly meetings.  

Our safety training and procedures have been developed for maximum effectiveness. Staff is not only required to work safely for their personal health, we also encourage everyone to  watch out for their fellow co-workers on the job-site. By cultivating a safe work environment, using LEED certified green products for a healthier work environment and  well trained, safety-first crews, we provide a higher standard of work. With our high concern for job-site accidents, the quality and experience of working with Mid America Metals is unmatched.


Safety School Highlights


We meet ISNetworld standards, which is a rigorous nationally recognized safety certification program and have earned an exceptional EMR rating of .86 for our insurance coverage.